Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson Endorses Chris Paddie for Texas House of Representatives

In statements released today, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson endorses Chris Paddie over incumbent Wayne Christian.  Excerpts of these statements follow.

Unlike many other statewide elected Republican officials, I have made endorsements in very few Republican primary races. However, I am pleased to support Mayor Chris Paddie for election to the Texas House of Representatives.

I recognize that both Chris and his opponent, Rep. Wayne Christian, are conservative Republicans. They both support low taxes and small government. They are both pro life and pro 2nd Amendment. So why would I venture into this contested primary? I do so for one reason – Rep Christian’s self-serving legislation during the 2009 legislative session. Wayne tried to exempt his Hurricane Ike destroyed beach house from the Texas Open Beaches Act by secretly amending an otherwise good bill, HB 770. Wayne’s amendment didn’t apply to all Texas beach property owners, it just applied to a small stretch of Texas coast on Bolivar peninsula.

It was a special law for a special person, a member of the legislature, Rep. Wayne Christian. I think most Texans agree its fine to build on Gulf Coast beaches as long as you accept the risk and don’t expect the government to bail you out later. Well in this case that’s exactly what happened. In 2011 Wayne’s property was purchased for $175,391.25 by Galveston County using our Federal Emergency Management Agency tax dollars.

Not only did Wayne unsuccessfully try to make a special law just for him and a few others, he did something conservatives vehemently oppose-he took a bailout – paid for with our tax dollars.

Special legislation just for a special legislator? Government bailout for a risky decision to build on the beach? That’s what Rep. Wayne Christian tried to do, and for that reason I’m supporting Chris Paddie. I hope you will do the same.

Jerry Patterson

Texas Land Commissioner